South Public Super Market

This is clearly an older market building, but it has received multiple additions of the years, expanding to its current size.


  1. I live a couple blocks away from this market on Minnesota. It’s a neat little building and the folks seem nice enough. It’s essentially a gas station without the gas. Prices are inflated but if you need something quick or want to walk, it’s a great alternative.

  2. Oh, and I’m sure you know this, but this is in the Patch neighborhood, not Corondelet. I know most everyone considers Patch Corondelete, but they are distinct neighborhoods!

    • Yeah, I simplified many of the neighborhoods of St. Louis; many people I’ve talked to who live in your neighborhood called it Carondelet when they were growing up. Carondelet Bakery, on Ivory Avenue, is an example.

      • Yeah, I know. There’s even signs all over saying “City of Corondelet”. Patch is inside the old Corondelet city limits, which adds to the confusion. But all the same, it’s a great place to live!

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