A Foreboding Demolition, The Sequel?

Almost two months ago I featured a demolition on South Compton Avenue in the Gravois Park neighborhood, which is experiencing rampant out-of-town property speculation simultaneous with disinvestment and crime. I realized that another house, a couple houses down that I also captured in this post from August of 2021 (fourth photo) is also not doing well at all.

In this case, this house is owned by the Land Reutilization Authority, the agency of the City of St. Louis that manages the property holdings. There are at least three condemnation records on the property, one for an emergency demolition, which a permit records shows was for a garage in back; an emergency board-up, both in 2008; and a third one in 2015 for a structural condemnation. It continues to sit, and might very well be a sequel to the previous house I featured before too long.

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