Armour Revisited for the Final Time, September 2014

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Back in late 2014, I had an opportunity to tour the Armour Meat Packing Plant with the permission of the owner. Now that the plant has been imploded, I assume it is alright to share these photos of what is now gone. The slaughterhouse is being demolished piecemeal, but the refrigeration plant, with its beautiful De La Vergne Engine, was imploded in a dramatic controlled explosion.

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I may have posted some of these photos before when I did a series a few years ago where I matched Sanborn Maps up with my pictures, but I know I didn’t publish the majority of these, so here they are, with minimal commentary, a final documentation of what is now gone.

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What a beautiful, light-filled space.

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Over the years, it got more and more dangerous to walk through these buildings, and it was helpful having the caretaker show us around on a previous escorted visit, where he explained how the plant used to function.

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  1. CfR says:

    It truly would have been an awesome sight to see that machine in operation!

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