Around the Courthouse, Hannibal

Thankfully, there are not oceans of parking around the courthouse, but instead the original houses of the middle and upper class of Hannibal, which are a showcase of typical Victorian Period styles. Also typical of the neighborhoods around courthouses, many of those houses are now lawyers’ offices.

This first house is a great example of a Romanesque Revival house transitioning to more classical motifs, particularly in the front porch which is a temple pediment. It is a very cool house.

There is also this cool church, which is technically Romanesque Revival, but as I suspected due to its form, it was originally Pilgrim Congregational Church. It is now an event space, The Great Room.

Congregational churches typically have more of an auditorium design to them, with less of the traditional cruciform plan to them.

Across Broadway is this Gothic Revival church, which is the First Christian Church of Hannibal, dating to 1838.

The bell tower is a type which I have not seen very often, and is of a style that I would expect to see in northern Germany in Hanseatic cities near the Baltic or North seas. I wonder how a Disciples of Christ church ended up with this style of bell tower.

The addition to the east along Broadway is nicely done in a Tudor Revival style.

Heading one block to the north to Center Street, we see a whole host of amazing and rehabbed houses in the Italianate and Queen Anne styles.

This building along Broadway shows some of the nice brickwork of the commercial corridor of the widest street in the city.

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