Athlone Avenue Between Rosalie Street and West Florissant Avenue

Much of the O’Fallon neighborhood is in great shape, and I challenge people who think that all of North St. Louis is a giant wasteland to visit the streets to the west of West Florissant. They are proudly owned, and maintained immaculately.

Moving east of Carter Avenues, we see how this is the heart of the middle class African American community in St. Louis, and where many people vote in large numbers.

The housing stock is typical of the eclectic, revival styles of the early Twentieth Century.

There is little to no abandonment…

…and the architecture is imaginative and creative, mixing two and four-family flats with single family houses.

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  1. Corey says:

    Chris, Thanks for pointing out that all of North St. Louis is not Run down. I used to live by O,Fallon Park and it’s still a decent area that could benefit from a little investment along West Florissant..

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