Banneker School

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While Ittner and Milligan schools in St. Louis are amazing, it’s always interesting to see how educational architecture developed after their tenure.

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George Sanger took over as architect of St. Louis Public Schools in the early Twentieth Century.

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Many of his first designs are conservative, but as the decades passed, he embraced more modern architecture, such as his 1939 Banneker School.

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I find it fascinating that the library and assembly room have separate outside entrances–obviously the school served as a bit of a community center for the surrounding neighborhood.

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The air conditioners have been stolen from out back, and the building sits vacant.

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  1. Yojimbo says:

    Interesting point about the separate, exterior entrances for the library and the assembly hall — the structural commitment to community access. Books and town meetings, viewed as crucial to citizenship.

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