Chronic Water Damage and Deterioration, Valhalla Mausoleum

Update: Problems continued into August of 2018.

I don’t really like calling out anybody who’s trying to do their best maintaining an historic structure. I am well aware of the costs involved, the expensive specialists who are qualified to work in old building materials, and the often costly stone, metal or wood needed. But sometimes, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart, and ask for some improvement. Valhalla’s mausoleum looks great from the outside: clean lines in cut stone and bronze. However, the interior is not so pretty. Take, for example, these photos courtesy of Amanda Randazzo, of the interior of the mausoleum.

Sure, it doesn’t look good, but maybe the damage is recent? No, it is not, as this photograph from FindAGrave reveals; the problems date at least back to 2014. In fact, the drop ceilings that you see deteriorating were probably originally installed long ago to hide water damage from previous leaks. More photographs, from an anonymous, reveal the problem is getting worse:

Relatives of people interred in the mausoleum contacted me after being given assurances from management that repairs are coming soon. We’ll keep tabs on this and make sure they keep their word. It’s time to get the roof fixed, period.

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