College Hill in the Snow #1: Introduction

College Hill is probably a neighborhood that many of my readers have never heard of, and possibly have never visited. It takes its name from the former Saint Louis University farm that once sat on the southern slope of the hill looking down on East Prairie Avenue. The area is unique, in that it developed slowly, and no architectural style predominates. Read my recent article at Saint Louis Magazine, and we’ll be looking at this often misunderstood and forgotten corner of the city, located just north of downtown off of Interstate 70 and Grand Boulevard.

Most Holy Name of Jesus is visible in the background, and the roundabout for the Grand Water Tower is in the right foreground. Much of the neighborhood has been demolished, and vacant lots dominate much of the area, but then there are delightful surprises, such as this beautiful Second Empire house below, which appears in Compton and Dry. It’s changed colors over the years, but it is safe and sound and in good hands.

I can’t say the same about the nursing home across the street, which continues to sit in neglect.

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