Commercial Buildings, Main Street, Ste. Genevieve

When I first put these photographs together, I thought this initial building was a storefront, but on closer inspection, despite its façade’s parapet wall, it does in fact appear to be a single family house.

This building below is definitely a storefront, with a cast iron column holding up the corner of the front façade.

While its form is Italianate on the front, it is reserved with little ornamentation save a dentillated cornice along the roofline. Note the doorway on the far left that once led to a staircase.

Other storefronts are simple in form.

I wonder if these buildings with the large portals in front were once livery stables or possibly some sort of delivery companies.

If course, eventually the automobile age arrived with the need for more space, and this building was built down on the end of Main Street.

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