Compton Heights, by Julius Pitzman

The final, most elaborate portion of Compton Heights is the large subdivision laid out by Julius Pitzman for the wealthy residents of St. Louis. Supposedly, some of the houses are still in the original families that built the mansions a century ago. I like the Compton Heights subdivision much more than the more famous Westmoreland Place in the Central West End. The houses, quite frankly, are more interesting and more to my taste, and also private security guards have never kicked me out of Compton Heights like they have in Westmoreland Place. I’ll let the houses speak for themselves; while their appearance was closely monitored by the neighborhood, there was still wide latitude to create beautiful homes that formed a harmonious streetscape–long attempted in suburban McMansion developments, but rarely attained. Compton Heights has a wonderful website about Pitzman and the entire area,

Update: See more of the house below here.

Update: See more of the house below here.

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