Dangerous Demolition

Update: This is the southeast corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Vandeventer Avenue; there is a Crown Food Mart on the site now. The building in the background across the street has also been demolished now.

Apparently in some parts of the city, demolition crews are not expected to obey the laws protecting people from them.

I came across this demolition site, right next to the sidewalk and without any protective barrier to keep children or other passersby from falling into the cellar of the building. I found the building on Google Streetview; it is a non-descript building, and its demolition comes with few noticing.

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  1. samizdat says:

    Hmmmm, probably an illegal demo. Whatever the case may be, the CSB should be called, or the Dept of Public Safety, Building Division, should be notified directly. If nothing else, these idiots should be told to take at least the minimum precautions. Of course, this being the City, I doubt that the possibility of a whopping 500USD fine is much of a deterrent, ergo, we get this. And unless there’s a work order on it, no one from the BD will step out of his/her car to bother to give these nitwits a bit of a heads up, much less citing them.

    But hey, sometimes I just call if I know it’ll probably piss off tools like this.

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