Discovering Shaw, Part 7: Russell Boulevard Between Spring Avenue and 39th Street, South Side

Looking at the south side of Russell Boulevard, again we see more houses that you would expect to see in the West End of St. Louis, three stories with Dutch Colonial rooflines or gabled roofs with elaborate dormers, as seen above and below.

But they also comfortably coexist next to six-family apartment buildings, which often feature sun porches on the front, many that are now enclosed for use as bedrooms.

What I love about the houses below is that they alternate single family and two family residences. But if you were to just glance at them, it would appear to just be a row of houses.

And then at the end of the block, a corner store undergoing rehabbing. I’ve been impressed that Shaw is finally getting more businesses after years of it sort of being a commercial desert–that was another reason I did not find myself visiting more often.

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