Discovering Shaw, Part 6: Russell Boulevard Between Spring Avenue and 39th Street, North Side

Russell Boulevard isn’t really a boulevard anymore west of Grand; but nonetheless, it continues the neighborhood’s mix of single family houses with high class four-family flat apartment buildings.

It’s becoming increasingly common that these four apartments are being converted into two townhouses, with the firewall in the middle serving as the dividing line. This has been controversial, but in many quarters, due to the poor management of these apartment buildings, many neighbors have encouraged these conversions.

Further down the block, there are more of the “four square” houses, as they are sometimes referred to in St. Louis. They are houses that have four quadrants on their first and second floors, so to speak: a foyer, parlor, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, divided into quarters more or less; on the second floor, there are three to four bedrooms and maybe a sitting room and bathroom, again divided into quarters.

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