Eleventh Street Between Lami and Barton Streets

Heading south down Eleventh Street from Lami, looking at the east side of the street, the houses are built close together, with a myriad of architectural styles.

There are many of what I call transitional styles, where the Greek Revival is morphing into the Italianate, with the gabled roof and dormer of the past but the wood planing mill-produced cornice of the future.

There are some nice examples of the Second Empire style, as well.

And also evidence of houses being stripped of ornament in the Twentieth Century. We also the rare preserved balcony on the duplex to the right below.

Turning around and heading back north to look at the west side of the street, we see some peculiarities in the earliest houses on the block.

Above and below, we can see clearly that there are several houses that were built before street grading occurred, and consequently the front doors of the houses were lowered from when they were originally built.

If you look closely, you can see how the brick was modified

Below is perhaps the most blatant example. The brick is patched under the sill of the window on the right, and the door has been cut through the stone foundation.

Then there is a much later four-family apartment building from the early Twentieth Century.

You can see in the Greek Revival houses below how much higher the lay of the land was originally.

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