EPiC Church, Former Troy Presbyterian Church

I will openly admit to being severely ignorant and unknowledgeable of Troy and Lincoln County history, but we did stumble across this beautiful building, which is now home to the EPiC Church.

However, carefully reading a limestone dedication stone above the front door, we learn that this was the former home of the Troy Presbyterian Church, constructed in 1868, which stylistically makes sense. I suspect there was once a taller wood frame spire.

It looks like a church that would be built in a dense urban environment, such as Centenary Methodist Church, where there is a first floor with classrooms or a congregation hall at ground level, and then a grand staircase that takes worshippers up to the main staircase on the second floor.

There appears to be a balcony up above where there is perhaps an organ loft, judging from the blind roundel window above the squat lancet window in the far right bay.

The brick is soft, befitting the age of the church and its remote location. However, it is still in good shape.

Limestone details such as the corbel above and below are used in critical structural locations and also for adornment.

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