Lincoln County Courthouse and Former Jail

Designed by Gustave Bachmann and constructed in 1870, the Lincoln County Courthouse in Troy is the second building on the site, replacing an earlier structure on the site built in 1830.

Contractors Edwards and Griffiths completed the building for $27,500. The architectural drawings are kept by the Missouri State Historical Society.

I call the building Neoclassical or Greek Revival, but it shows the first stirrings of the Italianate, so it is a transitional courthouse, and reminds me of the now-demolished Clark County Courthouse in Kahoka.

There is a large modern wing built out the back which is not the worst expansion out the back of a county courthouse I’ve seen.

Behind the courthouse is this well-preserved former jail that is now the historical society.

The jail was apparently constructed in 1870 in what is now firmly in the Italianate, and is a great example of adapting the style to very utilitarian purpose. As was common at the time, the jailer or sheriff lived in the residence up front.

The cellblock even has bars on the window, which are perhaps the originals.

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