Greer Avenue Between Marcus and Euclid Avenues, South Side

I’ve been documenting some of the streets on either side of Kingshighway, which are known as the Kingsway West and East neighborhoods. For simplicity sake, and I know it would annoy many people, they’ve been lumped into the Wells-Goodfellow tag.

But as I showed on two streets by DePaul Hospital here and here, there are many places where there are large stretches of well-maintained and occupied houses, with only a smattering of abandonment here and there.

I stumbled across this block of Greer Avenue, and while it had some rough patches, for the most part it is a healthy block, full of nice houses both big and small.

These houses are identical to something I might see in the Central West End.

And these houses are similar to the variety located in the nearby Greater Ville.

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