The Greater Ville and Western Lutheran Cemetery, Late Summer 2021

I decided to check up on the Western Lutheran Cemetery, which I had not visited January of 2021, and had not really looked at closely nor walked the grounds since January of 2019. I came down Ashland Avenue, and to my dismay, I discovered in the 4500 block one of those unique one story bungalows you only see in the Greater Ville had been gutted by fire.

Down at the end of the block, there were two empty parcels, which once had two fire-ravaged houses, a one-story building to the left, and a two-story duplex to the right. They’re gone now.

Update: I went back in the late summer of 2022.

Western Lutheran Cemetery was, how shall we say, lush. The grass was well-tended, but the huge trees that shade the cemetery keep the grounds in deep shadows.

Update: I looked at the houses below in July of 2022.

Looking south on Marcus Avenue, the Chase Park Plaza is viewable off in the distance, so close but yet so far.

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