Hyde Park in the Morning Light #37, Destrehan East of 20th Street

If I had to pick a theme for the architecture of Destrehan Street, it would be variety. Built up slowly over decades, and as newer houses replace older ones, it is what makes Hyde Park so interesting. And perhaps what is most interesting is the number of wood frame houses that survive, many in very good shape. I hope redevelopment comes before it is too late.

Wood frame houses, such as the one below like you see in the Ville, were probably never meant to be permanent, with the expectation you would “upgrade” to a brick house. But I suppose sometimes people just felt at home, and stuck with their old wood houses.

And on the south side of the street, we come to what I call the “Bungalow Belt” of Hyde Park. A large swath of houses from the early Twentieth Century, built on what seems to be old industrial land. It is so cool.

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