Old North, Winter 2022

Update: I looked at the house above again in May of 2022.

I took a look around Old North after looking at the Webster School renovations to see how the neighborhood was going.

Update: The house has now been demolished.

This old survivor above seems to be holding on, but I don’t know for how much longer. It is easily one of the first houses built in the neighborhood.

Abandonment also dominates large parts of the south side of the neighborhood.

I’ve always like this house, and I don’t think I’ve photographed it before.

There’s a half flounder back service wing, and this interesting little house, which I suspect might have originally been freestanding and was only later attached by a small hallway.

I’ve looked at these two houses before, and I feel like at one point the house on the right was actually occupied, though not anymore.

The cornice on the Second Empire is damaged but, it is still beautiful.

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