North Up Blair Avenue, Spring 2021

Every year or so, I do a “North up Blair Avenue” post, and see the state of the neighborhoods slashed on their eastern side by Interstate 70. You can see the 2018 and 2019 posts from previous years. I did it again last Saturday, and things are looking good, but also some things are staying the same. Starting in Old North, a house that my friends once owned has seen some work on it above, which I’m happy to see. You could see it before in the 2019 post.

Looking down Palm Street in Old North, just off of Blair, there is a grouping of Second Empire duplexes, one of which that has been rehabbed. But there others are still waiting, and need someone to rescue them. You could see them in the 2018 post.

Here is the rehabbed one below, which is still looking good. I’ve looked at this block of Palm Street before back in November of 2015. There was once this exceptional house on the northwest corner with Blair.

Moving on to Hyde Park, things are looking good, but there are still great rehabbing opportunities right next to buildings that have been stabilized.

In other good news, that dangerous ruin on the incline going up towards the Bissell Water Tower has finally been cleared away, as can be seen below.

Update: I revisited the house in the winter of 2023.

Below, that wood frame half flounder that I’ve photographed so many times is still standing, being swallowing by the trees and underbrush for another summer.

And that other house up the street has been further stabilized, with the first floor windows secured, and the upstairs windows closed. That’s good news for such as nice house.

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