JeffVanderLou, Mid Summer 2023

I went around JeffVanderLou a little bit more after turning off Evans Avenue. I spotted this interesting church, which is pretty much in a storefront.

Gotta love Formstone, which transformed the city of Baltimore, where I once lived. I even have a little on the base of my front porch. Thank God it never took over St. Louis like Charm City, where supposedly the government gave incentive to property owners to slather it on the façades of their buildings. There is just the right amount in St. Louis.

I headed up to St. Louis Avenue, where there is still a nice row of houses along the cobbled-together thoroughfare.

The reason the houses are slightly newer along here is a developer came along, bought up all the property and demolished everything, including the streets, and put in a new grid, starting fresh.

I’ve photographed this house before, way back in June of 2011 (second photo) and then later in July of 2018 (seventh photo)

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  1. Mark Preston says:

    Thank you, Chris. I know I don’t say it to you often enough.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thank you, Mark!

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