Updates on the Northeast Side

There has been a major collapse of the service wing of the former Jewish Orthodox Old Home. I have been tracking its deterioration, and the last time I photographed this portion of the building, in January of 2021 (second photo), it was already looking unstable. I wonder if the repeated lashing of severe weather recently is the culprit.

Ironically, my favorite abandoned half flounder in College Hill seems to be doing fine. You can see it over the years most recently in February of 2023.  I’ve looked at it multiple times before in the spring of 2021 (seventh photo), March of 2021, in the snowy winter of 2019, November of 2016 (third photo) April of 2018 (fifth photo) and December of 2018 (last photo).

They’re lurching along slowly building the gas station that was in the federal indictment, which I first featured in a post from June of 2022. I have no idea what’s happening since the informant who is building it is currently in federal prison. It would be nice if it never opened.

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  1. Joshua Vise says:

    I don’t know about “doing fine”. It looks from your pictures like several large branches have caused the back of the roof to buckle.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Oh no! I think you’re right!

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