Saint Louis Avenue Despoliation #4

Update: Many buildings on this stretch of St. Louis Avenue have been torn down as of December of 2019, but a surprising number, several of which are in a state of partial collapse, are still standing.

The contrast across Glasgow Avenue could not be more extreme; on one side is a perfectly fine mansion, and on the other side is devastation.

Update: The house below was demolished in late 2013; Jason Gray photographed one of the workers on a Saturday in November. You can see his portrait in this post from December of 2013.

This nice Italianate house has been sitting empty for years, and I’m afraid that it will be hit by brick thieves eventually as well.

I’m not sure which one a problem, but one of these two buildings is starting to settle at an angle, leaving a sliver of light between the two houses.

Next week, I will move off of St. Louis Ave to the neighborhood south of the street, where the devastation is even more pronounced.

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  1. These photos you've been posting really break my heart. The architecture is just so beautiful. It is so sad that they can't be saved.

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