Kosciusko, South Riverfront

Trudeau and Kosciusko

“Wow, look at all of those cool buildings in the Sanborn maps!” I said to myself a couple of months ago, while perusing the area of the South Riverfront due east of Soulard, a neighborhood called Kosciusko that literally no longer has any residents, the area having been largely clear cut for industrial uses in the 1960’s. It failed to retain St. Louis’s status as an industrial powerhouse, as most of the “industries” that moved in are trucking companies, and other low density businesses. A couple of random houses survive, mostly turned into front offices for factories.

One example of what had been a series of factories is now this monolithic building; much of the street grid is gone too, having been subsumed for larger parcels. High density manufacturing is no longer popular either.

Kosciusko and Russell Roundhouse

Everything below has been completely wiped out, flattened, fenced in and consolidated into a super block by a private holding company. Imagine the once bustling neighborhood that once existed here.

Trudeau and Russell

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  1. Tom Maher-Kirkwood says:

    Wow – just look at all of those RR tracks!

  2. samizdat says:

    Yeah, sadly, when Nooter pulled out (now TriRinse, whatever the H that is), they also pulled down their fantastic and amazing and giant “NOOTER Boilermakers” neon sign. Sigh.

    Now the area is a half-empty arm-pit of an industrial zone, with, as you note, a smattering of the old nabe still extant.

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