The Missouri Bluffs

Do you find the natural contours of the earth boring? If so, I have found the perfect subdivision for you! Following the disgraceful sale of forested bluff land along the Missouri River by the University of Missouri for a quick buck, the developers have moved in, building absurd roadways through what could be best described as “rugged” terrain.

If you dream of being trapped in your house in the winter so you can tell your boss you can’t make in to the office after it snows, this is probably a great place to buy a house.

I don’t know if these photos truly capture how badly it drops off once you step off the road, but in some places, it’s easily a 45 degree drop. What happens when there’s an earthquake? I’ll tell you: all this fill turns to Jello.

And if you are prejudiced against black dirt, I did not see any in sight, so you’re in luck on that count.

Well, and that’s convenient! The owner of this house can just jump out the back of their house and land in their carpool waiting on the main road out of the subdivision!

More vertiginous drops on the other side of the subdivision.

Luckily, the Medivac helicopter will have the perfect place to land after the emergency crews rescue you from the rubble of your house at the bottom of the ravine when it slides off the cliff.

There is so much flat land in the St. Louis region there is no reason to build on such stupidly steep terrain. My Lord.

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  1. Jeff P says:

    On a return visit to the cul-de-sac (pictured second to last) I was struck by an industrial humming noise that seemed out of place out in the wilderness. I suddenly realized that it was the drone of the sewage treatment plant located less than 100 yards away down the hill to the South. One of my companions quickly noted the faint but persistent sewer gas odor, which once detected could not be ignored.

    The sewer district thoughtfully located their plant where no one would he bothered by it, but I guess if people are determined to build their dream houses nearby there is no stopping them.

    Prime real estate!

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