Main Street, Troy, Lincoln County

Troy, the county seat of Lincoln County, which is just north of St. Charles County on U.S. Highway 61, has experienced considerable growth over the last twenty years. The downtown is interesting, and is relatively intact while sprawl occurs to the north.

The most ornate building is this long Italianate block, with the original tenants’ names still preserved in the cornice above.

A ghost sign above has been repainted.

I was impressed with how little demolition of the street wall that has occurred.

The preservation of the Italianate window treatments reminds of a building in Edina that I looked at years ago.

Note the repeating green scallop motif just below the cornice in the building above and below.

This church below was interesting, in that it is clearly very old, but has had many additions built on to it, making it a conglomeration of multiple eras.

There is even a log cabin left.

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  1. Mark Preston says:

    Nice old town.

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