Locust Street Between Loras Boulevard and 12th Street, Dubuque, Iowa

Heading south on Locust Street from Loras Boulevard (14th Street), we encounter older houses, and more middle class houses, but no less elegant.

There are row houses, and also freestanding Italianate houses, such as the one above. As you can see below, there are also houses up on the bluffs, but I did not have the chance to go up there to photograph them.

Then houses begin to appear that show the influence of greater expertise and machinery in the planing mills, which mass produced millwork that allowed for the flourishing of the Queen Anne Style, which can either have a brick or wood frame base.

What I think is so amazing about these houses is how seamlessly the different styles blend together with the unifying color of the red brick.

Look at those brackets holding up the porch below! While there has been some loss to the edge of the front porch, the millwork is well preserved elsewhere on this duplex.

And there are much older, Greek Revival rowhouses, as you can see below.

Churches sneak in between the houses, and glimpses of homes on the bluffs peak in.

A wood frame Queen Anne, with I almost might call a Gothic Revival house, shows off its well-restored colors.

Finally, I got a clear shot of a beautiful house on the bluffs, with its restored bold color scheme and jerkinhead roofline and dormer windows.

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