Locust Street Between 11th and 12th Streets, Dubuque, Iowa

Heading south on Locust Street, we cross over 12th Street, and see a nice solid, but smaller Italianate house with accompanying belvedere.

Streets head off to the west, beginning their ascent up to the bluffs. Remember, they were originally built and graded for horses pulling carriages and wagons.

Next to the Italianate house, is this awesome Second Empire mansion, which was very obviously converted into an apartment building in the early Twentieth Century, complete with sun porches like you see in much of St. Louis. I suspect this neighborhood fell on hard times in the mid 1900s.

And then there are more of the first generation of houses, like something you might see in Boston or Portland, Maine: a row of stout Greek Revival row houses. Dubuque was an important city even before the Civil War.

And then, oh my Lord! The house that looks like it came out of the fantasies of someone obsessed with Orientalism. It is sort of Queen Anne Style, but also Moorish Revival in certain way.

It was being restored in places when I visited, but it is a truly incredible house.

Just look at that tower, with its horseshoe arches mixed with what look to be stylized Corinthian pilasters.

Next up is the F.D. Stout House, which at one point was the Archbishop of Dubuque’s residence at one point. Note the matching carriage house in the back.

It is a perfect example of the Romanesque Revival with rich red stone.

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