Maffitt Avenue From the Greater Ville into The Ville

Hopping off St. Louis Avenue, I took a look at some of the houses on Maffitt Avenue, heading east through the Greater Ville and then The Ville.

I spotted this unique one story hipped roof half flounder above.

There is a wide variety of housing stock, from the earliest, wood frame houses that probably date back to when the Ville was a country suburb of St. Louis, to more recent early Twentieth Century in-fill.

I liked how this tree wrapped around this house.

But sadly, due to the Ville being made up of so many mid Nineteenth Century wood frame housing, there is much demolition.

But there’s good news; up on St. Louis Avenue, there is new construction going on. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s welcome.

And likewise, the empty lots are exchanged for large, beautiful houses where there are almost completely intact blocks.

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