Marine Avenue Between Cahokia and Miami Streets, West Side

Marine Avenue is most likely named thus because the old Marine Hospital was on the east side of the street. It is long gone, but the beautiful housing stock is largely preserved on the west side of the street.

I’ve looked at this corner storefront before, once back in July of 2014 and then again in July of 2018 (second photo). It has not changed much in that time.

There’s a wealth of Second Empire houses, many of which are unique in their form, such as the one below, which has no front door, an odd number of bays, and sits back on its lot.

But there are some vacant lots as well, including ones where there were houses only a decade or so ago.

Then there is in-fill, some of which was on land that was occupied by breweries such as the Home Brewery, which was to the west.

I’ve been drawn back to this house numerous times, such as in February of 2011 (last photo) and in July of 2018 (fifth photo).

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