Metropolitan Building, Renewed

Saved from demolition, and from tricky and somewhat poor original building materials, the Metropolitan Artists Lofts is now open and almost full of new tenants. It’s not the largest building in Grand Center, nor the most elaborate, but its residents, so blatantly missing from the area before, will surely add new life to the streets that now sit dead for most of the day, all week long. Perhaps this is the beginning of Grand Center not merely being a suburban style theater district, but an actual city neighborhood.





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  1. Jonathan Wiegraffe says:

    Hi Chris,

    Do you have an idea of when the Metropolitan Building was constructed? I remember hearing that it had some significance at the time of it’s construction as the tallest building in St. Louis or “west of the Mississippi” something. Are you familiar with this?


    1. cnaffziger says:

      Hmm, I’m friends with the architect who aided in its renovation, and I seem to remember him mentioning that it had an odd construction, like it used hollow clay blocks or something.

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