Montana and Osages Streets Between South Broadway and Missouri Avenue, North Side

I’ve continued to be fascinated with the streets of Marine Villa on the southern edge of that small neighborhood, as there are some very interesting early survivors, as well as some great examples of post-Civil War Nineteenth Century houses.

Heading east on Montana Street from South Broadway, we see houses such as the ones, which could be quite old, perhaps from before the Civil War.

And plenty of Second Empire houses, of course.

Now we head up to Osage Street and head east again towards Missouri Avenue.

We begin to see a row of some very old Greek Revival houses, built right up next to each other.

Then here is a rare half flounder with not one but two dormers added to the roof to expand living space on the second floor. Looking at fire insurance maps, we learn it is wood frame under the siding, which makes it even rarer.

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