Nebraska Avenue Between Dakota and Osceola Streets, Behind the Former Charless Home

I’ve always been interested by residential or commercial streets across from institutional blocks, such as in this case, the block of Nebraska Avenue west of the old Charless Home of the Friendless, now renovated into senior housing.

While there are some unique buildings near the southern end near Dakota Street, the majority are identical, obviously built at the same time.

It makes me wonder if the property was owned by the Charless Home, and as the Dutchtown neighborhood developed around them, they sold off excess acreage, thus causing the block to be built up relatively quickly.

There’s also this beauty, and whenever I see a nice house near an institution, I wonder if it was built for an higher ranking employee of that organization.

Near Osceola, I noticed something interesting…

It turns out there is an old house hidden behind a 1950s four-family built out in front of it! You can just see the jerkinhead roof below.

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