North Side of Washington Park, Downtown Quincy, Illinois

Hampshire Street in between 4th and 5th street contains an exceptional row of Italianate buildings that are more or less well-preserved since the Nineteenth Century. Some are missing their cornices or their first floors have been altered, but for the most part, they look the same as when they were built.

The Italianate style, like all architecture from Italy after Antiquity, is influenced by the Renaissance, even if it is not called Renaissance Revival per se. The cornices of the windows below were originally designed by Michelangelo, for example.

Below, we may see some cast iron window treatments, but I was not able to look up close to be able to if they were or not.

This next building is definitely a combination of sandstone or yellow limestone and cast iron; it is probably my favorite! It is two identical buildings with the one on the left still stuck with a coat of paint. The one on the right looks like it has been cleaned.

The broken lunette cornice over the front door is amazing.

The rest of the buildings in the row are also interesting, and include a movie theater.

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