Penrose and Fairgrounds, Tucked Up By the Interstate

Downtown Civic Center 053

Update: I revisited the area in the late summer of 2021 around North Newstead Avenue.

Tucked up in the bend of I-70 that now leaves most of its streets truncated to the north, I found the most interesting, quiet part of the Northside.

Downtown Civic Center 057

The area still has a fair amount of wood frame houses, indicating their early construction. But the housing stock continues to be eclectic, from a broad span of time, showing that the neighborhood developed slowly over time.

Downtown Civic Center 058

There are some incredibly steep streets in this area; on top of one summit, I cam across this abandoned apartment complex.

Downtown Civic Center 059

But then finally, well-kept houses from the early Twentieth century come in to view.

Downtown Civic Center 060

Downtown Civic Center 061

Downtown Civic Center 062

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