Randall Place, West Side, Revisited

The weather was nice and sunny and I was up visiting Piekutowski’s Sausages in Hyde Park, so I thought I would swing by Randall Place, an exceptional collection of houses near the Bissell Mansion. It seems like the first house in the post from September of 2017 has been demolished, as well as the one in the last photo.

Otherwise, both the occupied and abandoned houses are looking in good shape, and are stable. This is an important street due to its architectural variety and its location near so many landmarks.

These two wood frame Italianate country homes are also priceless and rare.

And this house is just amazing, though if you look closely you realize it is actually a two-family flat, and not a single family residence.

There are a bunch of standard “four-square” houses in good condition, as well.

And a few missing pieces of the street wall; I love how the original terrain of the hills is still present on this street, and it is quite rugged.

And the Bissell Water Tower provides a sense of place and setting.

There’s this cool little Greek Revival house back in the underbrush.

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