Recalled to Life, Compton Avenue in Gravois Park

Update: See the house again in the summer of 2021.

Writing back in May of 2017 of this house, on the west side of Compton just north of Chippewa in the Gravois Park neighborhood, I stated, “Hopefully one day it will be renovated.” My wishes came true. I am not totally thrilled of the paint color, but I am glad this house, whose style is not universally appreciated in St. Louis, has been saved. It is in an awkward location, sitting on an alley facing a parking lot along Chippewa, so it could have easily sat vacant until its demolition by neglect. Great job, to whomever took the leap and renovated this house and saved it for posterity.

By the way, ladders start as low as $35 at Home Depot. Please be careful! Above image copyright Google StreetView 2017.

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