Recent Collapses

Update: The house has now been demolished.

I know many people told me they could care less that the SaLees Kennard House was in danger of being demolished, since she was the daughter of one of the founders of the Veiled Prophet Parade. Well guess what? You got your wish! The house has now suffered a severe structural collapse, and will probably be demolished by the State of Missouri, which owns the property. My opinion was that the house is an extremely rare example of a post-Civil War Italianate town house built in Midtown–three stories at that–and its loss robs us of an important piece of St. Louis architectural history.

Its form could have easily inspired sensitive and sustainable in-fill when redevelopment returned to this part of St. Louis, which is a fifteen minute walk from downtown. Meanwhile, another house faces imminent demolition due to neglect at the hands of Paul McKee.

Update: The carriage house has been demolished, and the concrete pad below has become a electrical substation.

I photographed this little building back in 2011, which was probably a carriage house or stable originally, and now it has collapsed partially into the alley, and is threatening the safety of the church members next door since its bricks have fallen into the congregation’s parking lot. Again, I ask my readers, imagine if you attended that church.

There is construction going on, which looks to be a gas station, based off of the footings.

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  1. ME says:

    Interesting post. I see the rear of that house on Samuel Shepherd every day at work and wonder how long it has been in that condition, or the history of the residence, etc. It’s a shame the craftsmanship of the original era of STL is disappearing. State of MO should have repaired roof, & tuck pointed, etc. to secure it for future prospects. What a waste to have lasted this long and then to end up as a pile of rubble solely due to neglect.

  2. ME says:

    Demolition is currently underway at this property. I noticed a difference in the appearance of the structure as I was walking to my car after work today. I drove by to get a closer look and saw demolition equipment on site. The entire exterior west wall has now been removed allowing for some interesting views inside, similar to looking inside a dollhouse. There is an unique archway separating two rooms on the front end of the third floor that caught my eye. What a cool house, I would have loved for it to be an available option within walking distance to my work… It won’t be long until the rest is demolished, so drive on by if you’re interested!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks for the head’s up!

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