Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Quincy and Blow Streets

The west side of Michigan Avenue south of Quincy Street starts out nice enough with a rehabbed corner store, but then…

Update: Tragically damaged by fire on the evening of June 18, 2021. It was demolished by the winter of 2023.

Wow, what might easily be one of the most interesting and beautiful houses in the entire City of St. Louis comes next. And sadly, it is sitting abandoned.

But there is so much potential here, and if someone can buy it and rehab it, the house could easily shine again. It is in great shape, even after sitting vacant for years.

Even the wood cornice is in good shape, and could be preserved.

Next door, on what had probably been a vacant lot owned by its northern neighbor as an investment, is another abandoned house, though it was built probably seventy-five years later.

The rest of the west side of the street up to Blow Street, however, is in great condition, and is an eclectic mix of housing styles.

I first photographed these houses back in August of 2011.

Turning around and heading back south on the east side of the street, it’s interesting to see that the housing stock is not nearly as elaborate, but there are some great surprises.

First, there are two very old wood frame houses, including one of those distinctly Carondelet hipped roof vernacular homes.

But then, wow, there is this Greek Revival wood frame stunner! It appears to be an apartment building now, but I would love to know the story about this building. If it is in fact historic, and not clever in-fill construction, it is one of the most significant Greek Revival dwellings in St. Louis.

Two more nice houses finish up the east side of the street.

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