Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Loughborough Avenue and Quincy Street

Heading south on Michigan Avenue past Loughborough Avenue (which originally was Pine Street in the original town of Carondelet), we see a row of what I call the ItalianateSecond Empire hybrids, a Romanesque Revival four-family and Greek Revival house on the west side of the street.

There’s a very nice corner storefront first, and then the Greek Revival house, which has lost what was almost certainly a dormer on its roof.

The four-family has lost its cornice, but it’s still a great building, with its original doors.

Then the two hybrids, built at the same time, either speculatively or one for the owner and the other to rent out.

Then, there’s one of those little bungalows from after World War II, which actually works really well in an urban environment.

On the east side of the street are some really nice houses as well, with well-preserved cornice details, one made from brick and the other from slate roofing tiles and wood millwork.

There are some other nice houses with pyramid roofs, as well.

The we see the appearance of a lavish Second Empire house; I realized as I looked through my pictures that the Second Empire was never as popular in Carondelet as it was in the rest of St. Louis.

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