Revisiting St. Louis Place, Early February 2019

I went by the site of the old Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, which is still a vacant lot since it was first damaged by a fire and then demolished. I was intrigued by a rectangle of concrete with rough aggregate in the middle of the lot–was this a relic of the old church? I do not know, and I hope readers can shed some light on this strange swath of concrete.

Much like an ancient ruin, the concrete sidewalks that once ringed the church are still surviving, and their irregular dimensions seem to trace the exterior facade of the now-vanished building.

The parish school, just to the south on St. Louis Avenue, is now the Griot Museum of Black History and is well-maintained and worth a visit.

St. Louis Avenue looked warm and inviting on the sunny day I was taking pictures.

Blair School is a great example of an education building from before the age of Ittner and Milligan.

And Gina’s still holds down the fort on the eastern end of the neighborhood, just west of North Florissant Avenue.

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