Roof Collapse at the Old Palladium

Update: The Palladium was demolished in July of 2022.

I learned on Twitter that the historic Palladium, which I wrote about years ago due to its link to African American musical history in America, has suffered a roof collapse, most likely due to the heavy rains in mid January. I observed through a hole, where board had fallen off, that sky could be seen. Back in May of 2019, I reported on the demolition of warehouses north of the John Cochran Veterans’ Hospital (fifth photo down), which seems to point to the planned expansion in that direction. I will e-mail their public relations department to see if I can get an answer as to what the status of the expansion is. With new music venues being announced in Grand Center all the time, I don’t see why a historic venue can’t be saved. I see buildings in worse condition fixed up all the time; I know one thing: I don’t want to see it end up like the Castle Ballroom.

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