Shenandoah Avenue Between Virginia and Arkansas Avenues

Update: The porch in the above photograph was torn off in the winter of 2020. Update: The porch below was rebuilt in the summer of 2021; whether it was at the behest of the City or the volition of the property owner, I do not know.

Shenandoah Avenue in Tower Grove East has older houses than most of the rest of the neighborhood west of Compton Avenue, with a plethora of sturdy Romanesque Revival houses, and also this unique four-family seen above.

But if you look closely, there are many houses that have two front doors, such as the one below; in fact, there are many multi-family buildings mixed in with single family houses. Shenandoah Elementary is on this stretch of street, as well.

Even this hulking, massive house below, which looks like it could be the home of a wealthy industrialist, is in fact a two-family apartment, though obviously for upper middle class residents.

Next door, to the east, this later four-family was probably a side yard owned by the house above, and later sold as an investment in the 1920s or 30s, as the neighborhood became more dense.

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