Shenandoah Avenue Between Jefferson and Missouri Avenues

Shenandoah Avenue through McKinley Heights marks a transition from very old houses in the DeVolsey Addition on the south side of the street, to the late suburban buildings of the late Nineteenth Century. First we head east starting just east of South Jefferson, looking at the north side of the street.

There’s a wide variety of heavily Romanesque Revival-influenced two family flats.

And this curious Second Empire houses sitting far back from the street, its neighbors gone and the yard enclosed by a fence.

Turning around at Jules Street because it’s just a bunch of parking lots until you get to Gravois Avenue, we see the new infill that replaced the vacant lot that was once the site of the Charless School.

There are other wonderful Second Empire houses, as well.

Then there are some incredibly old houses, that I suspect date to around the Civil War, if not even earlier, possibly.

We looked at some of these houses before back in April of 2015.

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