Indiana Avenue Between Ann and Shenandoah Avenues

Indiana Avenue south of Ann is a fascinating mix of houses; up at the north end of the street are houses typical of much of the rest of McKinley Heights–built in the early Twentieth Century.

But then, and this picture below illustrates it, the houses jump back several decades, and the Italianate style appears on the right.

Or below, where a Greek Revival house from the late 1860s sits on the left next to a later four-family flat.

But this house below is extremely old, dating perhaps to around the Civil War, sitting on a parcel that looks like it predates the platting of the subdivision of the land. It faces north and south, and not towards the street. And yes, that is a trailer added on to the north.

Finally, we reach Shenandoah Avenue, which has a whole different character of its own.

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