South Side of Miami Street, Gravois Park #1

This is the second of three weeks on Thursdays and Fridays, where I’ll be looking at the three east-west streets parallel to Cherokee Street in Gravois Park, the neighborhood to the south of the famous commercial artery. This is where the east-west streets are “Indian Tribes” and the north-south streets are the “State Streets.” See Potomac Street from last week and Winnebago Street from the following week.

I’ve looked at the north side of Miami Street a little bit in the past, but now we turn to the south side of the street in two parts. First up are a couple of beautifully restored Second Empire houses that I suspect housed either doctors or other professionals who may have worked at the nearby Lutheran hospital, printing press or seminary.

But sad desolation and abandonment soon approaches to the west; I photographed this two family in the past, and it has not improved at all in that time.

The southern dead end of the blocked off block of Oregon Avenue is in this area, where you can see an older picture of the building above. This house below shows the change street grading has made in the terrain, and how much the overgrowth takes over in abandoned lots.

Like much of this area, the north-south state streets dominate the street wall, so these cool little bungalows are on those streets, not on Miami.

Many buildings are in great shape, but many are not.

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