South Side of Winnebago Street, Gravois Park #2

This is the third of three weeks on Thursdays and Fridays, where I’ve been looking at the three east-west streets parallel to Cherokee Street in Gravois Park, the neighborhood to the south of the famous commercial artery. This is where the east-west streets are Indian Tribes” and the north-south streets are the “State Streets.” You can also see Potomac and Miami Streets.

Moving along down Winnebago, we encounter what I believe was an old movie theater, and if any readers remember from the neighborhood, please let me know. As happens with many old theaters (if that’s what this was), it saw a new life as a small church.

Gas stations crept into neighborhoods in the early Twentieth Century, and there were many more in the past, if you can believe that. They tend to be a burden on communities now, their tanks leaking into the soil. This one is still in use as a repair lot.

More early Twentieth Century two-family apartment buildings continue down the street.

Then older single family houses such as this Second Empire dwelling appear near Compton.

I love these little “shotgun” bungalows, with their side doors always being the main point of access for privacy.

Then the street starts to head up towards Grand Boulevard.

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  1. Allison Smith says:

    You are correct in that the church was formerly a theater. Per the website Cinema Treasures, it was called the Yale.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thank you, Allison! Designed by John Paulus and closed all the way back in 1946. I am amazed that it once had room for 575 seats!

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