Southwest Avenue Between Dalton Avenue and Reber Place

I figured out recently that Southwest Avenue through The Hill neighborhood was once Old Manchester Road before it was diverted onto its current path through the Grove.

Consequently, there is an interesting mix of housing styles, reflecting the long period of habitation along the former artery–and it also explains Southwest Avenue’s strange path through the City and why it was preserved by planners.

The housing stock also reflects its rural and mining roots, as this area was far from the city and also the location of clay extraction and brick production, so there are not a lot of huge, expensive mansions.

But I also like how the houses have gone through so many interesting renovations, as this has long been a stable area that has never gone through “downturns” or “upswings.”

We even see the appearance of some Formstone, and some interesting use of awnings.

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  1. Dan Lewis says:

    My old Hood. I lived on Dalton for many years.

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