Down by the River, Peoria, Illinois

Update: I’ve continued to revisit this corner of Peoria on multiple occasions, including September of 2015, again in August of 2019, yet again in July of 2021, and  in August of 2023. Peoria is really a cool city; architecturally it reminds me of a lot of mid-sized Illinois cities: lots of four-squares and wood, balloon…

Water Treatment Plant, Peoria, Illinois

I don’t know much about this building, other than it seems to still be in use as a water treatment facility. It’s a great example of Romanesque Revival architecture.

Peoria County Courthouse

Amidst the desertion of downtown Peoria on the weekend, we came across this example of Modernist architecture from the 1950’s. Read about it here.

First National Bank Building, Peoria, Illinois

Update: Edited in November of 2023 to include new images from August of 2023. Also, edited to reflect that Commerce Bank moved out of the building, and the title of the post has been changed to the historic name of the building, and new commentary added. It seems that every major city in America had…

Adkins Apartments, Peoria, Illinois

I was going to photograph one of the weirdest collections of buildings in Peoria, but of course, when I got there, it had already been demolished. If you look at the cluster of buildings here, just to the left of the red roofed building, a great German restaurant, you can see what once stood there….